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Details for Upcoming Patient Education Day This Saturday! October 18, 2012

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Unfortunately we have reached our maximum limit of in-person attendees for this conference, however, you can still join us via our live Webinar. Please visit the links listed below ahead of time in case Silverlight is not compatible with your computer.

Those viewing the webcast will not need to register. Access to view online is not restricted or password protected and can be found here:  Pituitary Patient Education Day Webcast

For those who are unable to download Silverlight, please access webinar here: Pituitary Webcast for non-Silverlight users.

We are posting the updated speaker list and individual Power Point presentations on this blog for you to reference during the Webinar. Some of our presenters speak quickly, so you may want to review the presentations ahead of time to familiarize yourself with what will be discussed.

Look through the slides during the breaks and send your questions to margaret.bobrowitz@dignityhealth.org.  I will make sure we address them with the panel of experts. We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Maggie Bobrowitz, RN, MBA
Neuroscience Program Coordinator
Barrow Pituitary Center

Updated Barrow Pituitary Education Day Agenda

BNI Pituitary Center, Types of Pituitary Tumors – Laura Knecht, MD

BNI Pituitary Center Emotional & Psychological Issues – George Prigatano, PhD

BNI Pituitary Center Introduction to Pituitary Surgery – Andrew Little, MD

BNI Pituitary Center, Functions of the Pituitary Gland – Laura Knecht, MD

BNI Pituitary Center Vision & Pituitary Tumors – Charles Lin, MD

BNI Pituitary Center Living with Acromegaly- Wayne Brown

BNI Pituitary Center Patient Resources – Debbye Shepherd

BNI Pituitary Center Treatment of Pituitary Tumors-William White, MD

BNI Pituitary Center Pituitary Surgery Peri-Operative Management – Anna Boron, MD



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